Meoni Видео!

Looking at an interview over at : ....

My take on making something with the FF11 Chest piece thats undyable. FULL SET:

Added in 4.1, Mameshiba introduced a new level of cute to FFXIV.

How to get your very own squishy little Axolotl Eft Minion! SO cute i think i might explode!

Added in 4.0, the Bismarck minion does pretty much what you would expect a minion version of a giant whale to do..

How to look cool as a cucumber transforming from your civilian gear into battle sets with style at the touch of a button! The macro i used: ...

Get hyped for the release of 4.15... but you will have to wait a couple of weeks... ...

How to place all manner of things on surfaces you shouldn't usually be able to :) Other Video:

First look at the re-run of the 2015 Maiden's Rhapsody Event in 2017

A quickie look at the new gear for the female of the species in the mogstation as of the 31st October.