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Creators aren't born. They're made. Learn how to make more with the Galaxy camera. Watch episodes 1 & 2 here: Learn more:...

Multi-talented filmmaker Anna Akana invites up-and-coming actor and comedian, Karen Sepulveda, into her creative process for making videos with her Ga...

Adventure photographer Cory Richards captures Iceland in only a day with his Galaxy S9, accompanied by up-and-coming photographer, Austin Jensen.

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Is the X more powerful than the Galaxy Note9? Uh-uh. Upgrade to Galaxy:

Does the X come with a pen like the Note? Nope. Upgrade to Galaxy:

The new super powerful Note. Learn more:

Does the X have a full-screen design without that notch? Nah. Upgrade to Galaxy:

Does the X let you split-screen two apps, without having to download another app? Lol nah. Upgrade to Galaxy:

Does the X have a MicroSD slot? Negative. Upgrade to Galaxy: