Headshot ZD - Выжившие против Зомби (SURVIVAL Game)

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Let's play Headshot ZD gameplay. Headshot ZD Survivors vs Zombies Doomsday is a new pixel art style action strategic-survival game available on mobile.

Скачать игру Выжившие vs Зомби, Конец света с Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nanoo.headshot

You manage a group of survivors, going off on skirmishes to fight the zombies in remote areas and rescue other survivors and collect resources. You are to build your camp to support your people, upgrading support structures, such as water wells and food storage facilities, as well as barriers to keep the zombies at bay. Let's Play Headshot ZD Survivors vs Zombies Doomsday!

In this episode of Headshot ZD game, we begin our new free zombie survival game adventure! As always, if you enjoy Headshot ZD and would like to see more survival gameplay in the future, let me know by leaving a comment n' a Like on the video!

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