Baby Panda Camparisons - Teach Children Learn Fun Opposite Words - Fun Educational Game For Kids

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A game which teaches comparisons. When children learn about comparisons their vocabulary expands and their abstract thinking ability grows too. Kids around 3 and 4 are developing their thinking abilities very quickly. Children who gain abstract thinking ability at this point can accelerate their intellectual development and create a strong foundation for future studies.
Game method:
1. Follow the treasure map and look for treasure. You can solve difficult questions using opposites!
2. Miumiu teaches you the standard pronunciation of all the opposites. Repeat out loud after him!
3. Think hard before you click. If you get the mission right you get a sticker!

Learn fun opposite words! 15 opposites, 15 types of different play methods await you!
1. Big, small
2. High, low
3. Dry, humid
4. Thick, thin
5. Float, sink
6. Light, dark


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