Baby Panda Occupations - Kids Learn Career With Baby Panda - Fun Educational Games For Children

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Baby Panda Occupations to make these come true! Experience & Recognize, and let your baby experience different jobs!
Play different characters, and experience the joys of each career; accept challenges, and develop working awareness!
---Product Information--
Colorful Careers Hardworking cleaners, clever store assistants, happy farmers...and more careers, all for your picking!
Tool Matching Chalk, Steering Wheel, Sickle, Hairdressing Scissors... different jobs match with different tools!
Career Experience Clean trash in the park, manage a supermarket all by yourself, plant rice...challenge different missions, and make your baby fall in love with working!
[Career Basics] What are common transportation rules? How many steps are there to build a house? ... Learn alongside KiKi, and enrich your baby's knowledge!
Fun Activities Compete to answer questions in a classroom game, create DIY chalkboards... use your brain, move your hands, and develop your baby's imagination!
---Product Specialty---
Realistic work environment, realistic career experiences;
easy and fun games and activities, make your baby have endless fun!


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