Extreme Bike Trials Evolution - Bike Racing Game - Motocross Racing Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PC)

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Extreme Bike Trials Evolution - Bike Racing Game - Motocross Racing Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PC) https://youtu.be/2SyDsoyQ4f8
Trials Evolution - this is something in between the arcade and the racing simulator. This game was developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, famous for its unique projects, as well as its splendid series of games Splinter Cell. The game originally came out on xVox, and later was released for users of personal computers.
This is a rare game among the racing simulators about motorcycle racing. The visual picture allows the player to deeply feel the atmosphere of the race. Speed, excitement, dust from under the wheels. All this and even more.
Racing takes place on well-traced racing courts. In the game they are of several kinds. There are city trails, dusty sand tracks in the desert or neat stadium stadiums. The player watches everything that happens in a voluminous player. The player observes everything that happens in 3D 3D mode.
The physics of motorcycle control is poorly developed. It is physically impossible for him to fall to the right or to the left. Simply because the physics of the game knows only about the presence of the object of width and height, but not in the capacity of roll.
But at the same time the game is executed on a high-quality graphics engine and the picture, broadcast on the player's monitor, looks decent and realistic. Well-designed lighting. Depending on the time of day, solar, lunar or artificial light falls at different angles and affects visibility and reflections. But the audience present in the locations, designed for racing stadiums, is poorly designed and almost never seen by the player. This does not seem to be an important omission, but the jubilation of the crowd during the victory is always a pleasant bonus.
The game was able to exchange achievements and tasks between game accounts. That is, if the player has not undergone certain tests, he can transfer them to his friends in the game. You can also share personal achievements.

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