Learning Animals Sounds And Names For Children Learn Wild Animals Names 3D Learn Colors With Animals

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Candybots Animals - Learn and play with common animals: mouse, dog, cat, bear, chicken, alligator, monkey...The animals are so familiar with all children.
Welcome to Candybots Animals creative world! Let's learn the animals name and animals sound of24 popular animals: mouse, bear, lion, horse, elephant, rabbit… and many more!
Animals are beneficial to children development. So, how to nurture children's love for animals at their very young age?
Teach kids about the sound of animals and the name of them: mouse, cow, pig, sheep, Golden fish, hippo... Discover and join in a lot of amusing activities!

Downloud https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.candybots.animals&pageId=100921981130814852558

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