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Come visit Little Panda's Bake Shop and be a little patissier who can bake soft and flaky egg tarts!
Baby Panda Bakery Fun Cartoon Games.

Learn And Have Fun

7 Items Pudding, egg tarts, pizzas, cakes, cookies, sweet bread and donuts...which do you want to eat first?
Loads of ingredients 22 ingredients to add to your masterpieces including eggs, flour, butter, cheese, fruit and jam.
Various cooking utensils Shaped baking trays, a blender, an oven, a whisk.... Be a chef with 16 different mysterious cooking tools and utensils!
Fun-filled DIYA rich variety of cutely-shaped trays are ready for use! Fresh fruit jams can be added to your creation for more flavor!
A variety of decoration From farmhouse, Northern European to the Mediterranean...approximately 20 decorations for your living room will add more fun and excitement!
Social Activities Invite your favorite friends and share tea and fresh-baked goodies!


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