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My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day is a storybook app based on a popular cartoon series and toy line. In this story, Princess Celestia (a pony) asks Twilight Sparkle (also a pony) to teach her fellow ponies about the history of their land, Equestria. Twilight Sparkle is afraid she can't handle the task, but succeeds in the end with the help of her friends. The story is full of positive messages and is generally very sweet (if not a bit saccharine). The app also contains a few games along the way (mazes and spot-the-difference puzzles), which reward kids with new words they can use in a Mad Libs type story-building game at the end.

As a storybook app, MY LITTLE PONY: TWILIGHT SPARKLE, TEACHER FOR A DAY is a good read-along tale, but offers very little in the way of interactivity. There is, at most, one hotspot per page, and it usually triggers something small like blinking eyes or a puff of sparkles. Luckily, there are tilt-controlled mazes and spot-the-difference puzzles sprinkled in there as well. They're fun, as is the fill-in-the-blank story at the end. Although, if you really want to enjoy that Mad Libs-style activity you will need to play through the story many times, since those only get you four words each time.

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