Play Fun Mermaid Princess Kids Games Clean Up, Doctor and Songs Learn and Have Fun Game For Children

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These beautiful princesses have been struck by an AMAZING mermaid spell! Swim your heart out and explore a magnificent underwater city! Help the mermaids clean up oil spills and make a watery fish castle! Make bubbly music with the mermaid band, explore shipwrecks (maybe you find a treasure!) enjoy fun mazes and design stylish mermaid jewelry. Don't forget to enter and vote in the underwater dress up AND jewelry contests! Ready? Let's dive in!

- Explore the underwater city with your favorite mermaid princesses!
- Treat poor injured fish with doctor tools like x-rays and stethoscopes!
- Dress up the mermaids with crowns, seashell tops and more!
- Compete and vote for best outfit in the fun dress up contest!
- Make mermaid music with the underwater band!
- Match the fish with hats, vests & more in the costume shop!
- SHIPWRECK! Help the mermaids find lost items in the messy shipwreck!
- Design beautiful mermaid jewelry & enter the contest for PRETTIEST design!
- Choose from tons of fun mazes & help baby fish swim back to their parents!


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