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Oh no! Seven poor little animals got sick and now are waiting in the hospital. Play animal doctor and take care of them: fix teeth, test eyes, clean infected ears, fight germs and bacteria, cure fever and tummy ache.

Nurse and look after the Little Buddies: Horse, Bunny, Piggy, Cow, Sheep, Owl and Hedgehog. Your new pocket friends will thank you with their big smiles!

Game features:
- Fill the medical chart for your little patients
- Take care of Horse‘s teeth and put on dental braces
- Clean little Bunny‘s infected ear
- Learn to use ultrasound machine and treat Piggy‘s tummy ache
- Nurse little Cow to cure her runny nose, sore throat and fever
- Decorate Cow‘s hospital room with balloons and flowers to help her get well
- Pull out cactus spines from tiny Hedgehog‘s paw
- Make a fruit smoothie with vitamins to help the Sheep get her energy back
- Play dress up and cheer up the Sheep when she‘s healthy again
- Test Owl‘s eyes and pick her perfect glasses or colorful contact lenses


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