Wood pigeons. Hunting wood pigeon

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Wood pigeon the wood pigeon can reach a length of 40 cm and weigh up to 600 g. the Plumage of the wood pigeon, grey, on both sides of the neck white spots. On the tail have broad, dark ribbon.
The wood pigeon inhabits coniferous and mixed forests. Tall trees with dense foliage are favorite places for its nests. Nest always has on lateral branches. It is composed of twigs.
Wood pigeon feeds on various grasses, legumes, weeds, and berries of mountain ash, honeysuckle, wild rose, green acorns. On the field he is going to feed in the morning, the second time - before the evening.
Hunting for the wood pigeon can be quite successful. In late summer broods swarms begin to fly to the meadows. They are also calmer in the morning than in the evening.
Beat the pigeon shot No. 5. The meat of wild pigeons juicy and tasty, especially in autumn, when they are before flying to accumulate sufficient fat reserves.
Effective hunting with different types of profiles, stuffed animals.

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