XIN HONG® FJXHB5 N3 New Arrival Desktop Mini Rosin Press

“Rosin Tech” is a new form of home hash Rosin Press production which has taken Instagram by storm due to its simplicity and the quality of product it produces. Essentially, Rosin Tech involves using a heat press to combine heat and pressure as an extraction method .

XIN HONG® FJXHB5 N3 New Arrival Desktop Mini Rosin Press.
Cylinder: 100*80
The extraction process involves pressing nugs of cannabis between parchment paper with a heat press to extract the valuable cannabis. it depends upon 4 things:
- Temperature
- Amount of Time Pressed
- Amount of Force Applied
- Size/Weight of nug(s)

Please Contact: Vova Wei ( Senior Account Manager )
Email ( Application for Sole Agent ):
QQ: 1919462093 ;
Skype: heatpress10
Sample Test Required when you start printing.
All Steps in this video are all for your reference.
XIN HONG® reserves right of final interpretation.

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ТегиRosin Press Mini Rosin Press New Arrival Desktop Mini Rosin Press

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